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Meet the team

The SolCraft team is composed of many talents from the gaming and the web3 industry. With former experiences in studios like Blizzard and other reputable companies, we are proud to have an experienced team that are innovating in the play-to-earn ecosystem.

Dwarf King Miner

Malaki Aiono

discordDwarf King Miner

Founder / CEO UI/UX designer

Malaki brings over 10 years of vast experience in marketing, design and team leadership into SolCraft. He also is proactive with the overall project management, UI/UX prototyping, graphic design and community management.


Gilles Walther


Co-Founder Lead game dev

Gilles is the brains behind the game development of SolCraft. He has a total of 8 years experience in coding and has been programming games for over 3 years.

He has successfully built his own crypto exchange and he hosts his own coding channel offering tutorials in game coding.


Steve Dufour


Co-Founder Marketing Director Partner Manager

Steve is an expert in building communities, relationships, creating partnerships and collaborations in the web3 space.

Steve has lead marketing and strategic partnerships on multiple successful web3 projects and is passionate about making web3 a better place by paving the way with innovation and pragmatic thinking.


David Fried


Lead Game Designer

Game designer and narrative writer for 24+ years and has worked for Blizzard Entertainment on games such as Warcraft III, WoW and many other AAA game titles.


Rodrigo Rivera


Blockchain Engineer

Rodrigo has successfully developed and deployed multiple web3 web developement projects on the Solana blockchain.

He is an expert at planning, developing and executing blockchain front and backends that offer a seamless and streamlined experience to the end users.

Jarrah Brouwer

3D Artist

3D Artist with vast experience with Henchmen Studio and working on games such as Overwatch, WoW and Hearthstone.


Samantha F


Art Director

Samantha is a well rounded artist with skills in 2d, 3d sculpting and modelling and game development.


Thomas Joyce


Community Manager Content Creator

Thomas has vast experience in managing web3 communities and facilitating events and promotions to build excitement and hype.

He also is a talented content creator with a positive and pragmatic approach to creating new and exciting ways to maintain a happy community culture and environment.


Felix Holzer


Server Manager Data Management

Felix is an expert and creating solutions for NFT collection data reporting.

Felix also is a pro at integrating and creating bot integrations within our community server so that data from our NFT collections can be easily accessed at the click of a button.


Jody Deah


Community Manager

Jody has experience in managing multiple web3 communities and has been a collector and investor of NFT’s and NFT games since they were first introduced onto the blockchain.

Jody also has been involved in the testing and development of multiple games and blockchain projects and brings a wealth of knowledge into the SolCraft team from his experience.

Ricardo Pastor

3D Artist

5+ Years experience 3d Modeling and 10+ years as an Artist.

Lover of Beer, Mezcal, Tacos, Pozole and Pizza

Khaled Airoumi

Game Economy Advisor

Specialist in Game System & Economies, Blockchain Gaming and Monetization

Game Designer at Illuvium