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What is SolCraft?

SolCraft is a blockchain Action-RTS game built on Solana. Delivering a whole new level of NFT utility, SolCraft offers a traditional top down style Action-RTS with in-game features such as crafting, campaigns, dungeon raids and much more.

Current collections available or minted?

Genesis Dwarves, Battle Pigs, Land Plots, Elves and Owls.

Status of current collections?

  • Genesis Dwarves = Total Supply 2000 - 0.88 SOL mint price
  • Battle Pigs = Total supply 2000 - Free mint
  • Land Plots = Total Supply 800 2.5 SOL mint price
  • Elves = Total Supply 2750 - 500 SLN or 2 SOL mint price
  • Owls = Total Supply 2750 - 0.062 SOL mint price

Next collection?

Orcs and Fay

Where is the team based?

The Team is based in Australia, UK, Canada, Austria, Mexico and the USA.

What will the game be released on first?

Web browser and PC install version.

Will SolCraft be free to play?

Yes, we will aim to release Free to Play options for non NFT owners. However you will not be able to earn Solanite directly.

Will SolCraft be free to play?

Yes. This however will come at a later date, and to earn mining rewards you'll have to invest into SolCraft NFT's.

What utility will the Dwarf Miners have?

  • Mining Solanite ($SLN) in game
  • Renting your Dwarves to other players
  • Staking your Dwarves to go on missions and retrieve forge crafting items
  • Unlock Forge crafting
  • Stake for Solanite (limited time)

What utility will the Battle Animals have?

  • Defending your hero character and dwarf miners
  • Mini games such as racing
  • Breeding
  • Sending on missions to collect crafting items to use in the crafting station

What utility will the Elves have?

  • Mining via Solanite extraction magic
  • Staking Missions
  • Renting to other players
  • Unlocking Enchantment station

Will rarity affect anything?

Rarity will factor into the game-play mining ability and also in some of the mission platforms.


  • Dwarves: for SLN.
    Lands: for crafting items.
    Elves: for crafting items. Temporary while missions platform is under development. Read the staking instructions carefully.
    These are accessible from our staking page.
  • Battle animals foraging: for crafting items.
    Accessible from our missions page.

What can my Land earn from staking?

  • Forest = Earth (EARTH)
  • Desert = Sand (SAND)
  • Ice = Ice (ICE)
  • Volcano = Fire (FIRE)
  • Dragon Egg land = Dragon scale (DRGN)

Note: please read the land staking instructions carefully.

Will the Game have its own Token?

Yes, Solanite ($SLN).

What can I earn from Battle Animals foraging?

Crafting tokens.

When is the Token IDO?

There is no current date for IDO, however we will make an announcement once we have any news on this.

When is Open Alpha release?


Where can I find the roadmap?

Roadmap can be found in the roadmap channel in our Discord server.

For more detailed information please feel free to visit our Discord server channels or ask one of our staff for assistance.